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Make the Conference MultiLingual

Follow the next steps in order to make your website multilingual.

1. Install WordPress Multisite (http://bit.ly/1djeLqW)

NOTE: When you install the network we recommend to use Sub-directories — a path-based network in which on-demand sites use paths. If you don't see this option, edit your functions.php file and add the next code:

add_filter( 'allow_subdirectory_install',
	create_function( '', 'return true;' ) 

2. Add a new site for example: "en", "fr", "es", etc.

The final result must be www.yourdomain.com/fr/ or www.yourdomain.com/en/ 

3. Go to each website settings and choose "Site Language".


4. In the theme folder we have added one language, I recommend to use the Poedit Application to translate the theme. 


5. Select the language menu and add links to both versions.



And Voilà! You saved the money for the plugin!

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