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Make the theme to look like the demo without importuning the dummy content

If you don't want to import all content in order to make the theme to look like the demo you should follow the next steps:

A. Go to Appearance > Theme Options > make the necessary changes, activate your needed Custom Post Types.


B. Set the Home Page

1. Add a new page and from page attribute select the Home Page template.

2. Go to Appearance > Menu > add the page to menu

3. Go to Settings > Readings > Select a static page for front page > Select the home page > Click "Save Changes"

4. Go to Widgets and fulfil the home page widget areas with widgets.


C. Create a Custom Post Type page (for ex: Staff, Speaker, Gallery, etc)

1. Go to pages and add a new page for ex: Speaker.

2. From page attribute select the template page.


3. Add the page to menu. (Appearance > Menu)

4. Go to Speakers for ex: and add new speaker.

All Speakers will be displayed in the Speaker page.

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